Aktiv Forsyning is a self-managing storage system that simplifies and optimises material ordering for nursing homes, hospitals, home care services and emergency outpatient clinics

Why choose Aktiv Forsyning

From our experience, most nursing homes and hospitals have the potential to realise considerable efficiency benefits in relation to inventory management and purchasing.

Common challenges associated with inventory management

  • A lot of time goes into ordering and receiving
  • Products run out
  • Lack of control of what’s in stock
  • Dependence on key people

We can document that introducing this solution will produce savings in terms of time and costs

  • Personnel spend less time on inventory tasks - time that can then be used on core tasks
  • Costs are reduced because your inventory is always up to date with the correct quantities

Easy to get started

We take responsibility for the entire implementation through a start-up project.


  • Storeroom inspection (visual inspection and measuring)
  • Ordering hardware (shelves, cabinets, containers, products, scanners, barcode printers, etc.)
  • Installation of storeroom infrastructure (electricity, IT network)
  • Setup of users in a database
  • Setup of stocked products in Aktiv Forsyning
  • Printing of access barcodes, product sheets and product barcodes

Physical adjustments

  • Changes to or setup of storerooms
  • Stocking of products with related barcodes
  • Installation of scanners

Operational implementation

  • Testing the system
  • Training

Easy to use

  • Hard to make mistakes
  • Requires little administration – «manages itself»
  • Proactive operation and service
  • Routines combined with software
  • Tailored to and by the health sector
  • Main process:
    • Order from your supplier: Scan the products you need to refill, and the system takes care of the rest
    • Receipt from your supplier: Receive products using a barcode on the packing slip – a scan receipt
  • Internal orders:
    • Internal departments can order from central storage: Scan the products you need to refill
    • Receipt and delivery: Use pick lists from department orders to pick products and notify the department when their products are ready for pick-up
    • Pick up goods for internal departments: Receive a notification that products are ready for delivery, pick up products from «the pickup point»


Surveys conducted in nursing homes that have introduced Aktiv Forsyning show significant savings in terms of time and costs. The survey was created in collaboration with TNS Gallup and carried out in two stages: once before the homes start using Aktiv Forsyning, and once about six months after introducing Aktiv Forsyning.

Below, you can see figures provided by one of our customers showing their annual savings after introducing Aktiv Forsyning.

Reduced costs in NOK

Savings in %