Welcome to aScan

aScan delivers Aktiv Forsyning which is a solution that streamlines and simplifies the processes related to ordering and delivery of goods and services as well as inventory management in small and large organisations.

Aktiv Forsyning is a self-managing storage system that simplifies and optimises material ordering for nursing homes, hospitals, home care services and emergency outpatient clinics.

Why choose Aktiv Forsyning

From our experience, most nursing homes and hospitals have the potential to realise considerable efficiency benefits in relation to inventory management and purchasing. Aktiv Forsyning can help you to realise this potential.

Easy to get started

We take responsibility for the entire implementation through a start-up project, by taking on project management and making sure to coordinate information between the various stakeholders involved in the implementation project.

Easy to use

Aktiv Forsyning uses principles for ordering from storerooms that make the ordering process independent of people. Products are placed in their own containers in the storerooms, and you scan your product cards to make sure you order the correct product and the right quantity.


Aktiv Forsyning gives you a better overview of your inventory by making sure that you only stock the inventory you need for a week at a time. This reduces the need for storage space and reduces the risk of products expiring. It also eliminates the need to stockpile products.